Today in the city Palm Desert 22.11.2017
Even a majority of the wealthy think Trump's tax plan benefits them most

Despite President Trump promising that the middle class will be the "big winners" of the Republican tax plan, Americans are not exactly convinced. In a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, a whole 60 pe...

Republican tax plan a blow to Democratic states, officials say

NEW YORK/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Democratic-leaning states are set to bankroll a big chunk of the tax cuts unveiled in a Republican tax plan on Thursday, as the plan slashes deductions used the most by re...

What a surprise: another tax plan to help the super rich

After some delays, House Republicans finally released their tax cut plan Thursday. The Republicans had trouble coming up with a proposal for the same reason they had trouble coming up with a replaceme...

Minor Injuries as Small Plane Lands on Las Vegas Golf Course

A pilot and passenger came away with only minor injuries when their small plane made an emergency crash-landing on a Las Vegas golf course.

EPA to Hold Hearing on Climate Plan Repeal in West Virginia

Trump administration to hold its public hearing on its plan to nullify an Obama-era plan to limit planet-warming carbon emissions in West Virginia, a state that depends on coal mining.

GOP Tax Plan May Offer Little Aid for Many in Middle Class

House Republicans say their tax plan would help middle class, but benefits still skewed toward wealthy and business.

It's all about the Street in Palm Desert and art and nature in Laguna week in the Nov. 3-5 calendar

From weeds to weed, history to hip-hop, and art to science, you have choices for the weekend of Nov. 3-5. Palm Desert Hit the street — or the rooftop of a massive parking garage — at the third annual...

Plan Keeps Most of Sonoran Desert Monument Open to Shooters

The Bureau of Land Management has recommended closing 53,300 acres of the Sonoran Desert National Monument to recreational shooting, but keeping the remaining 443,000 open to shooters.

Exclusive: While advising Trump in 2016, ex-CIA chief proposed plan to discredit Turkish cleric

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former CIA director James Woolsey pitched a $10 million contract to two Turkish businessmen to help discredit a controversial U.S.-based cleric while Woolsey was an adviser to D...

10 couples of more than 50 years share photos from when they were younger — and it will show you the power of everlasting love

It's not easy to keep a marriage going for any amount of time, but staying together happily for more than 50 years is a feat to truly be proud of.  INSIDER asked real couples and their...

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