Today in the city Palm Desert 20.09.2017
American Airlines Flight Attendants Blast Pittsburgh Airport Plan To Allow Non-Passengers Entry

American Airlines flight attendants don't like the Pittsburgh airport's plan to let non passengers use airport stores and restaurants.

Despite EPA's Insistence, Clean Power Plan Remains 'The Law Of The Land'

Several state attorney generals are locking horns with the EPA over whether the states should now comply with deadlines set by the carbon-cutting Clean Power Plan. The matter ratchets up the intensity...

Not Even Desert Safe From Wildfire Threat in Blazing West

Not even the desert is safe from the threat of wildfires across parts of the West where crews are battling wildland blazes in triple-digit heat.

The fate of the world's premier bull market may lie with palm oil farmers

The election season hasn't officially begun, but in Malaysia's palm oil plantations, the battle for votes is underway.

Trump Administration May Abandon Obama Plan to Place Harriet Tubman on $20 Bills

The Trump administration refused to commit to a Barack Obama plan to place Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

The World's Driest Desert Blooms With Hundreds Of Flowers After Rare Rain

The Atacama desert in Chile, widely referred to as the world’s driest desert, is currently experiencing a truly breathtaking phenomenon.

Dance drama 'Polina' transcends its flat story through the magic of movement

“Polina,” a dance movie based on a graphic novel, reaches a gorgeous crescendo in its final sequence: The title character (screen newcomer Anastasia Shevtsova), having taken a few detours from her pre...

Trump tax plan could result in 'serious blowback' from Congress: Ex-Obama advisor Goolsbee

It's risky for the Trump administration to produce a tax reform plan because congressional leaders "jealously guard their turf," Austan Goolsbee said.

There are still basic questions Republicans need to answer about their massive tax plan

Since his campaign kicked off in 2015, President Donald Trump has remained consistent on a few policy positions. One of the most significant was his promise to deliver comprehensive tax reform, and it...

Mnuchin: We have a 'very detailed' tax plan ready that should be passed this year

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the administration has a "very detailed" tax plan ready and "couldn't be more excited" about its prospects.

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